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A 9-year-old fought off a man trying to steal her mother’s purse.

According to Fox 35, Journee Nelson and her mother were grocery shopping on Nov. 2 when the suspect attempted to steal her purse. Journee’s mother was loading groceries into the car when the suspect ran up and attempted to take her purse. She was knocked down during their scuffle. The suspect allegedly told her to let go of the purse and “you’re gonna make me pop you” while reaching for his waistband.

This is when the 9-year-old stepped in. Security footage from the scene showed Journee throwing punches to protect her mother. She was eventually thrown to the ground by the suspect and her ran away with her mother’s purse.

The suspect was later identified as Demetrius Jackson. He was arrested two days after the crime and charged with robbery and battery.

WSVN reports that the West Palm Beach awarded Journee with a medal and certificate for her bravery.

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