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Malcolm X’s family released new evidence for the investigation in a news conference Saturday.

According to the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the family obtained a letter written by Raymond Wood, a former undercover NYPD police officer. Wood, now deceased, stated that the NYPD forced him to lure the X’s security team into a trap and arrest them. That way, no one would be on door duty during the 1965 speech at Audobon Ballroom in Manhattan. Wood also explained that the FBI covered up details in order to convict members of the Nation of Islam.

Historians have long argued that they convicted the wrong men. According to BBC, the Innocence Project, a non-profit legal group campaigning for justice for the victims of wrongful convictions, met with the office of the Manhattan district attorney in 2020. The DA agreed to reopen the case, and the investigation is currently ongoing.

Wood requested that the letter be released after his death in order to avoid repercussions from the authorities.

The FBI has not publicly commented.

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