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A North Carolina man was pardoned after a 24 year prison stint for a wrongful murder conviction.

Last Friday, Governor Roy Cooper pardoned Montoyae Sharpe. Sharpe was granted a Pardon of Innocence.

According to the Washington Post, The North Carolina man was sentenced for the 1994 murder of a white man in Greenville, North Carolina. Sharpe maintained his innocence throughout his sentence. He wasn’t exonerated until 2019 when a key witness was found to be lying on the stand. Sharpe was released from prison on August 22, 2019 by Judge Bryan Collins Jr.

After his release, Sharpe began his journey to being pardoned by the state. The governor’s pardon entitles Sharpe to around $50,000 for every year of his wrongful conviction. He may be entitled to up to $750,000 in compensation.

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