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A woman who was denied a restraining order against her husband has been allegedly killed by him, People Magazine reports.

Monica Murrah, 45, was fatally stabbed by Michael Ryan Murrah, 45, on Sunday morning. Michael Murrah was arrested Wednesday and charged with first degree murder for the crime.

Michael Ryan Murrah, via The Columbian

Monica Murrah had filed for a restraining order against Michael Murrah, after he allegedly verbally and physically abused her. In her restraining order request, she wrote that “”I am in fear for my life and in imminent danger of my husband due to threats and the incidents that have led me to flee from our home.”

A long-term restraining order was denied despite Monica Murrah’s claims.

On November 5, Monica Murrah was taken to the hospital after being stabbed multiple times, where she died of her injuries.

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