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A woman was killed by a man who had allegedly been stalking her, People Magazine reports.

Abigail Saldana, 22, was shot while in her car last Tuesday, Fort Worth Police Department reports. An anonymous called reported the incident after seeing her car veer off of the highway and hit a sign.

After she was identified, police connected her with Stanley Szeliga, 54. who she had previously reported having problems with.

Suspect identified in murder of Wichita Falls woman in Fort Worth |
Stanley Szeliga via Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office

Reports showed that he had placed a tracker on her car at her place of work, which was Rick’s Cabaret, an exotic dancing establishment in Fort Worth. She had posted about the incident on her Instagram page.

People Magazine reports that “He was arrested and charged with murder, say police. He is being held at the Tarrant County Lon Evans Correction Center in Fort Worth on a $250,000 bond.”

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