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Keeping a solid roster of true crime podcasts to listen to is a requirement for all die-hard murderinos, but have you ever noticed that much of the mainstream true crime podcasting community is represented by cis-gendered, heterosexual folks? While there’s inherently no harm in this, our LGBTQ+ siblings aren’t getting enough love and support from the murderino family! Have no fear, this list of the best LGBTQ+ true crime podcasts will help you find your next binge-worthy favorite to add to your queue. 

Beyond the Rainbow – True Crimes of the LGBT

beyond the rainbow podcast

Host C.J. is all about advocacy and social justice, so each episode focuses on true crime cases with LGBTQ victims and/or perpetrators. Listening to Beyond the Rainbow will help you garner a comprehensive understanding of the stories that are typically untold in mainstream media.

Slay Queens

slay queens podcast

If you’re interested in learning more about the crimes and injustices suffered by members of the LGBTQ community but don’t want to be bogged down by the inevitable sadness of the subject, this podcast offers a healthy serving of humor alongside its coverage of hard-hitting cases. Hosts Ashley and Wayne believe that taking “a deep dive into the dark side of the rainbow” will bring us all closer to achieving a sense of equality amongst our straight and LGBTQ murderino siblings.

FriGay the 13th Horror Podcast

FriGay the 13th podcast

Horror is great, but how often is the LGBTQ perspective actually represented? FriGay the 13th hosts Andrew Huff and Matty Zaradich want to tell you all about life’s most terrifying aspects of horror (from babies to brainwashing) in life and in the movies, but with an eye into the LGBTQ community.

Murder’s a Drag

Murder's a Drag podcast

The title says it all, murder’s a drag. . . but not when you’re getting the latest scoop on all things true crime from Aura Van Dank! The show is equal parts informative and fabulous as our gal covers cases on crimes within the LGBTQ community and much more.


Queers for Fears

queers for fears podcast

What happens when you take two best friends from toddlerhood and get them chatting about all things creepy? That’s right, you get Abby and Ellie— the hosts of Queers for Fears. This is the perfect podcast for lighthearted jokes and cold, hard facts about true crimes, supernatural happenings, and so much more! And, if you’re lucky, you might hear one of the hosts serving your ears some fresh ASMR while munching on a mid-podcast snack (I won’t tell you who it is, you have to listen to find out).

That’s Spooky

that's spooky podcast

True crime! Cults! Paranormal occurrences! Strange phenomena! Dare I say more? (Really, do I dare? It’s all so spooky!) If you’re in the mood for some truly freaky stories, you’re in luck because hosts Johnny Cann and Tyler Hyde treat their audience to a spooky episode every single Wednesday! I suggest that you sashay yourself over to their site and binge all of their episodes ASAP.

Trans Panic the Podcast

trans panic podcast

Trans Panic the Podcast’s name comes from a defense strategy that has been used for over 20 years as a means of implying that the gender identity/expression of a victim is the root cause of a defendant’s violent actions. Now referred to as the LGBTQ+ panic defense (so as to include all members of the community who do not identify as trans), use of this defense serves as a means of excusing a perpetrator’s loss of self-control and subsequent violence whilst suggesting that LGBTQ+ lives are less worthy than others. The hosts of this podcast, Travis Ferguson and Feathers Wise, strive to keep their audience informed about what crimes are happening to transgender folks in America, but they need help with funding to continue to consistently put out content. Check out their episodes and, if you like what you hear, consider sending a donation to help support them in covering the stories of a notoriously overlooked population in our country.

Queer Writers of Crime 

queer writers of crime podcast

If you have an empty nightstand, a love for LGBTQ fiction, and a passion for mystery, suspense and thriller novels, this podcast is for you! Tune in for stellar interviews of renowned LGBTQ authors and up and coming talent with Brad Shreve and weekly book recommendations by Justene Adamec!

True Crime Obsessed

true crime obsessed podcast

So, let’s say that you’ve watched every single true crime documentary out there but lack a proper buddy to gab with about every wild thing you just learned. We get it, we’ve all been there from time to time (not everyone can match our totally healthy amount of TV consumption, okay?). Enter True Crime Obsessed: the show that is guaranteed to itch that muderino scratch of yours! Press play for the heart, humor, and sass, and stay listening for the juicy details on all of the latest true crime movies and shows.

Morbid: A True Crime Podcast

morbid podcast

I bet you never thought that your next favorite true crime podcast would come from an autopsy technician and a hairstylist, but lo and behold we have Morbid! Alaina and Ash are totally obsessed with the murderino world, and their episodes cover cases ranging from serial killers to murderous spouses (plus everything in between). If you want to be dazzled by how impressive Morbid’s repertoire actually is (really, how is it that new true crime cases keep popping up on podcasts?), check these gals out!

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  1. Being a podcast that focuses on fiction rather than true crime, Justene and I are honored you included Queer Writers of Crime in this list with some outstanding shows.

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