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If we can thank 2020 for anything, it’s the rise (and enduring existence) of TikTok. The social media platform has everything a true crime junkie could want: lots of pictures, quick facts, and the ability to go viral and effectively spread awareness of current cases. Here are the best true crime TikTok accounts for you to binge right now (plus a shameless plug)!

Aishie Kay True Crime

Learning about a different true crime story every minute may be fun, but what if you could dive deeper into a case without needing to navigate away from TikTok? Follow @aishiekaytruecrime for her in depth reporting on chilling cases of the past and startling cases of today! She also has a fabulous YouTube channel. . . just in case you are looking for longer-form videos. Trust me, it’s absolutely worth the app switch— she’s covering cases that even I (a self-proclaimed true crime junkie) haven’t heard of!

True Crime All The Time


By far the most disturbing case! #Wishlist #corpsebride #crime #trending #fyp #triggerwarning #viral #carltanzler

♬ Enchanted Ballroom – Gothic Waltz Music

Jackie, the creator of @truecrimeallthetime, presents true crime cases from both history and present day with thorough research (just look at these notebooks!) and ample visual aids. When necessary, Jackie also ensures that her videos are given proper trigger warnings— we love a thoughtful and hardworking Queen!

Felicity Brooke


True crime in 60 seconds. Garguilo was found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder w/special circumstance allegations of multiple murders & 👇🏻

♬ original sound – Felicity Brooke

If anyone knows a thing or two about the impact of brevity, it’s Felicity! This gal dishes out your true crime fix in 60 seconds (really!) and never skimps on the pertinent details. Whether you’re looking to brush up on details regarding famous cases or aiming to impress your true crime pals with little-know stories, you’re sure to love @felicitybrookem!

Conner Layne


starting the #newyear off right with some #memes#murderino #murderinos #crimetok #funny #LAUGH #happy2021

♬ original sound – Conner Layne

All true crime fans like a good giggle here and there, right? For TikToker Conner Layne, the answer to this question would be a resounding “yes!” Conner’s content is a healthy mix of socially and politically relevant cases and murderino memes— all delivered in a respectfully goofy and quirky way. Check out @connerlayne for all the creepy facts on all the creepy people!

Seven Sins Crime


This is one story that’s going to keep me up at night 😬 #7sinscrime #truestory #foryou #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner

♬ Soothing Sounds – ASMR

As the creator of @7sinscrime rightfully says in her bio, “people aren’t perfect!” This TikTok gal organizes her true crime cases by the seven sins that all humans are subject to: pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, and sloth. An added bonus? She also asks her followers to submit their own confessions for her to cover— how juicy!

JesseLe TV


#greenscreen #insprational #crazystories #crazystory #storytime #jessielenews #sharkweek #whenanimalsattack #sharks #dadoftheyear #didyouknow #woww

♬ Creepy Dollhouse – Peder B. Helland

If you need a little balance in your true crime binging sessions, look no further than @jessie_le_xo! Need hard-hitting coverage on today’s breaking cases? Jesse’s got it. Looking for pop culture connections to true crime (ahem, 90 Day Fiancé)? Jesse’s got it. In need of uplifting stories about folks that have survived even the most dire of circumstances? You guessed it— Jesse’s got it.

Spooky Sleuth


True crime SOLVED #truecrimetiktok #truecrimetikoks #truecrime #fyp #murdertok

♬ original sound – Spooky_Sleuth

If you’re a fan of “3 Spooked Girls” (a wonderful podcast hosted by Jessica and Tara), then you simply must check out Tara’s TikTok, @spooky_sleuth! Hell, even if you’ve never listened to her podcast (which you should, like right now), you’ll still enjoy her videos. Why? Because Tara is incredibly well informed, a little sassy, and her content has an impressive range— I’m talking famous cases, small-town true crime stories, and even some spooky paranormal encounters!

Daily True Crime Minisodes


Missing: Natalie Jones #missing #creepy #TodayILearned #truecrimetiktoks #truecrime #truestory

♬ original sound – Karina Michelle

For someone who has two podcasts under her belt and and a popular TikTok page, you’d think that Karina Michelle would be exhausted. Instead, this gal has the most incredible energy and always seems to remain upbeat— even when she’s talking about some of the grisliest topics in true crime. Check out her daily cases @dailytruecrimeminisodes, or tune into her podcasts: “Red Flags” (co-hosted by crime writer Tori Telfer) and “Crime Glasses.

MurderMurder News


Kansas City Butcher vs. Unfathomably Fudgy Brownies #murderpie #truecrime #crimetok #murderstories #dark #creepy #serialkiller #chocolate #tiktoktreat

♬ Morning – Liqwyd

We couldn’t talk about the best true crime TikTok accounts without mentioning ours, c’mon now! The stunning gals behind MurderMurder News, Angelina and Aurora, keep @murdermurdernews stocked with everything you need to satisfy your true crime cravings: Killer memes? Check. Updates on our “This Week in True Crime” videos? Double check. (Get it? Because they’re on YouTube?) Delicious recipes that are accompanied by true crime story time? You get the idea. . . now it’s time to follow us!

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