11 SppOOooOOOkkKKyyYY Couple Halloween Costume Ideas


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Now is the time for you to be thinking about what you want to wear for the spookiest day of the year! Well look no further! Here are some great couple costume ideas for you and your favorite partner in crime!

  1. Pennywise from ITCouples Halloween Costumes Pennywise

  2. Pulp Fiction

  3. Dead Bride and Groom

  4. Dead Bonnie and Clyde

  5. Gomez and Morticia 

  6. The ShiningThe shining twins halloween costume

  7. Morticia and WednesdayMorticia Addams Kostüm selber machen | Kostüm Idee zu Karneval, Halloween & Fasching

  8. Alex and Piperlesbian couple costumes

  9. Sherlock Holmes and Watson

  10. Calvin and Hobbes

  11. Aang and Zuko

13 Best True Crime on Etsy


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Everyone knows Etsy is the place to get the cutest version of anything you could want! Plus, it’s a great way to support local artists. Here we narrowed it down to a few must haves every true crime lover would enjoy. 

resting witch face mask

10 Etsy Masks For a Safe and Spooky Halloween


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With Covid-19 showing no signs of magically disappearing before October 31, Halloween is guaranteed to look quite a bit different this year. However, even if we’re not celebrating the spooky season with our typical trick-or-treating and parties, we can still show off our costume prowess in a totally kosher socially-distant fashion! How, you may ask? With masks (aka the trendiest accessory of the last six months)!

10 Spooky Snack Ideas for Halloween


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Wether you are throwing a small halloween celebration, zoom party, family bash, or just wanting something on theme to snack on this month, then these may be perfect for you! They’re all so fun and easy to  make. Even if you aren’t a master chef, you’re guaranteed to succeed with these.