Forensic Files II Sneak Peek


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If the 70s are considered the Golden Age of Serial Killers, then the 90s must be the Golden Age of True Crime TV. From Unsolved Mysteries to 48 Hours, there was always a new murder show on to remind us that great towns to raise a family are actually the prime location for murder. Is there any 90s show more iconic than Forensic Files? Peter Thomas’ haunting, almost robotic voice, his impressive knowledge of luminol, and 80s-style re-enactments for days.  No other show has taught me as much about how to murder my husband with an air-tight alibi. 

Last night, we had the honor of watching a sneak peek of Forensics Files II hosted by HLN Originals. The revival of the series with new host Bill Camp premiers this Sunday on HLN, where you too can bask in the forensics glory like a glowing blood stain under blacklight.