A Letter from the Golden State Killer’s Daughter


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Anyone who has been following the Golden State Killer case, or watching I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, will be shocked to read a newly released letter to the court, written by Joseph DeAngelo’s oldest daughter. In the letter, she describes him as a loving and attentive father and grandfather. It’s a bit of a disturbing read, as his daughter neglects to even refer to the lives lost and negatively impacted by the confessed GSK’s cruel acts. Throughout the entire letter she recounts all the positive gestures her father has made in hers and her daughter’s lives, which of course doesn’t negate the horrific effect this serial killer has had on the lives of his over 50 victims and their families. 

“My father is Joseph James DeAngelo. I am his oldest daughter. I lived with him almost my entire life of 38 years, and my daughter lived with him almost her entire life of 19 years. My father, the person that I knew, and know today…”