Zoo will name a rat after your ex, feed it to a snake on Valentine’s Day


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If you want sweet revenge instead of chocolates for Valentine’s Day, check out this special offer.

The San Antonio Zoo in Texas said it will name a rat after your ex and feed it to a snake on Feb. 14. The zoo is charging $25 for this service, but there’s a cheaper alternative that’s just as spiteful.

For only $5, you can name a cockroach after your ex, and the zoo will feed it to a bird or another animal.

Even if you (or your exes) don’t live in Texas, you can still participate in this “feeding frenzy” because the zoo will be live-streaming the event on Facebook.

A British barrister was known for battling Brexit. Then he beat a fox to death, while wearing a kimono.


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The hullabaloo began, as many do, with a tweet – when the assailant announced his deadly deed in a boastful post. The day after Christmas, which is the jolly Boxing Day holiday here, the esteemed, brand-named British barrister Jolyon Maugham announced to the world, “I have killed a fox with a baseball bat.”