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MurderMurder News is the true crime community for the latest news, memes, tv reviews, book reviews, podcast suggestions, and all things spooky!  Our goal is to provide a safe space in which to chat about all things true crime while connecting with fellow MNNsters around the world!

MurderMurder News was created by best friends Aurora and Angelina.  The two met when Aurora wound up in Angelina’s salon chair for a hair appointment, and they quickly struck a common interest when they discovered they shared a passion for MURDER.

Being new in town, Aurora mentioned that so far she had met all of her new friends via locally-based online communities for other true crime fans. Aurora and Angelina soon found themselves spending most of their time with their true crime friends, starting a murder-themed book club, sharing stories about scary first dates and crimes happening around town. It became evident that the community itself is something special – folks with all different perspectives, who have the compassion to discuss grizzly events respectfully.

The two began to plan a place for this community to come together to discuss everything from breaking news, to cold cases, mental health, the best ghost stories, and what we’re all watching this weekend–all in one place!

 Aurora first became interested in true crime while watching Unsolved Mysteries as a kid in the midwest.
She worked as the CEO of a software company for 13 years, and now travels from place to place with her husband who works as a filmmaker along with their killer pomeranian, Sebastian. 

Angelina got into true crime reading anything and everything murder-related as a teen.
A hairstylist by trade, she has been pursuing a multi-faceted entrepreneurship plan for some time – turning all her skills and passions into hustles, and piecing them all together to create a life of her own design (one without bosses!)
Lately she has been focused on remote projects that allow for more time spent both traveling, and at home with her partner and their cats, Dolly and Igor.

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