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A suspect’s daughter helped police solve the 1959 murder of a 9-year-old.

According to the New York Times, Candice Rodgers came out from school on a Friday in 1959 and set off to sell Camp Fire mints in her neighborhood in Spokane, Washington. The 9-year-old was a Blue bird, a younger member of the Camp Fire Girls. When she didn’t return, Candice’s family and neighbors searched for her along with the police. Boxes of Camp Fire mints were found along the side of road and believed to be Candice’ mints. She disappeared on March 6, 1959.

The search continued for 16 days. Candice was found when two off-duty airmen spotted a pair of kids shoes in the wood not far from Candice’s house. The police searched the next day and found Candice’s body. She had been strangled with a piece of her own clothing after being sexually assaulted.

The case hadn’t been solved until last Friday. A suspect’s daughter provided a D.N.A. sample that tied her father to the death of Candice Rogers, reports the Seattle Times. The Spokane Police identified John Hoff as the perpetrator behind the murder of Candice Rogers.  He died at 31 from suicide. Hoff was exhumed and his D.N.A. was proven to match the semen from Candice’s clothes. Hoff had been buried in the same cemetery as Candice. Hoff’s family is horrified by his crimes. Hoff’s body has been moved to a different cemetery after he was exhumed.

Candice’s remaining family members are only sad that her parents and grandparents passed away not knowing who took Candice’s life.

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