Cassidy Rainwater (Missing)

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Kidnappers were charged with the murder of Cassidy Rainwater.

The two kidnappers, James Phelps, 58, and Timothy Norton, 56, have been in custody since mid-September for the abduction of Rainwater. Norton confessed to FBI that Phelps had asked him to help murder Rainwater, KY3 reports. She had been missing since July 25. Norton revealed to investigators that Rainwater was held down and strangled by the duo. He claims that Phelps dismembered Rainwater using a gantry crane. The pair then placed her body in a bath tub in Phelps’s home. The information was enough that multiple police agencies did a thorough search of Phelps’s home.

According to Daily Mail, human remains were found in a freezer in Phelps’s home. Through DNA identification, the remains were verified to be Cassidy Rainwater. Her skeletal remains were also found on Phelps’s property. The kidnappers are now being charged with murder along with kidnapping. Norton plans to plead not guilty. Norton will appear in court next Tuesday while Phelps is scheduled for the upcoming Friday.

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