college student allegedly drowned while at the beach

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A college student allegedly drowned while on a beach trip.

According to Fox 17, police were dispatched to Pere Marquette about a “swimmer struggling in the rip current.” On October 15th, Taleah Lowe’s body was recovered.

Lowe’s family feels that the circumstances of Taleah’s death are suspicious. News Onyx reports that Taleah was terrified of the water and could not swim. Her family had previously warned her about getting in the water. Taleah also had a partial paralytic that wouldn’t allow her to move her left arm fully. It makes very little logical sense that Taleah would attempt to going swimming so late at night.

Lowe’s family suspicion also points towards Taleah’s friends on the trip. The group created a GoFundMe hours after Taleah’s body was found. They received no permission from Taleah’s family.

The GoFundMe was eventually shut down and a new fund had been started by Taleah’s family. The fund was made for funeral expenses and to possibly hire a private investigator, Although at the time of the article, it has been closed.

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