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A man dressed as the joker injures 17 people on a Tokyo train.

According to Fox News, a man dressed as the Joker stabbed passengers aboard the train to Shinjuku. The suspect also set fire to the train. The train made an emergency stop at 8 p.m. on Sunday night due to the fire started by the suspect. Police arrested the 24 year old suspect as soon as they arrived on the scene. Train service was suspended while police investigated the crime. The man wore glasses, a green shirt and a purple jacket. Many witnesses believed at-first the situation was a Halloween stunt until the suspect pulled out a long knife covered in blood.

Daily Mail reports that the man allegedly wanted to be executed for his attempted murders. The suspect injured 17 people, but only 3 were seriously injured during the incident. The suspect started the fire after injuring passengers with a knife. There have been several videos online showing passengers running from the blaze set by the suspect. One man even jumped out the window of the train to escape. The suspect is currently under investigation on suspicion for attempted murder.


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