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Many people (including me) are guilty of waiting until the last minute to choose their Halloween costumes. This can cause a number of problems, such as costumes being sold out, rushes of people in the same situation that you’re in, and scrambling to think of an idea in the first place. Have no fear–here are some easy costumes that you can throw together to have a spooky fun Halloween!


Probably the easiest one in the book! You can simply take an old bed sheet to make this costume if you’re in a hurry.

via Harrison Haines on

Wednesday Adams

A classic take on the original goth girl–all you need is a little black dress and some braids to make this look perfect.

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All you need to do for this spooky classic is wrap yourself up in some cloth and be the best mummy you can be!

via Mike Jones on


Some of the most classic costumes for the Halloween season, you can make these costumes with some red, white, or black clothes and some quick halos or devil horns.

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A Halloween staple, all you need are some black clothes and a pointy hat to pull this costume off.

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