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The cause of death for Jelani Day was confirmed by coroners as drowning.

Day went missing on August 24th. His vehicle was later found on August 26 with his clothes inside the car.

According to NPR, LaSalle County Coroner Richard Ploch reports that Jelani Day’s cause of death was ruled as drowning. There is no evidence of pre-death injury. The coroner admits that Day’s autopsy was suboptimal due to the stage of decomposition and activity of river predators. Police are unsure how Day ended up in the Illinois River.

Throughout all of this, Carmen Bolden Day, Day’s mother, has been an outspoken activist for her son’s case. In a statement to CNN, Bolden Day said, “He doesn’t have any skin to determine bruising so none of this makes sense and you wanna tell me there’s no physical trauma done to my child? Do I accept this if they tell me this is my son? I accept it but I still need to know why my son is not here anymore. Because somebody knows.”

Police continue to investigate Jelani Day’s death. No requests have been made for F.B.I. assistance aside from pleas made by Bolden Day.



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