horseshoe harriet id'd decades after her murder

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A murdered teen known as ‘Horseshoe Harriet’ was ID’d decades after her murder.

Last Friday, a woman known as ‘Horseshoe Harriet’ was identified by DNA technology and genetic genealogy, reports the NY Post. The woman is actually Robin Pelkey. Pelkey was a homeless teenager in Anchorage, Al. She was killed by Robert Hansen in the early 1980s.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Hansen, who owned a bakery, was nicknamed the ‘Butcher Baker‘. Hansen would abduct and hunt down women in the Alaska wilderness. Most of his victims were sex workers. Hansen was convicted of four murders. He killed many more and identified where 12 of his victims were buried.

Pelkey’s body was found in 1984. She was found in the ground near Horseshoe Lake. She was not found in any missing person reports at the time. Pelkey was buried in the Anchorage municipal cemetery as unknown. In 2020, investigators uploaded Pelkey’s DNA to a genetic genealogy site online. This is how they were able to piece together Pelkey’s identity. Pelkey will also receive a new grave marker that contains her name 37 years after her death.

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