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I’m a longtime horror fan and lover of the Halloween series. I’m here to share my opinions on the newest movie in the Halloween series, Halloween Kills. Halloween Kills has been a highly anticipated movie after the success of Halloween (2018). It was delayed due to the Corona virus pandemic and I can tell you the wait has definitely been long. This movie follows a newly created timeline that disregards much of the Halloween series. This timeline begins with the 1978 Halloween then proceeds to 40 years later for Halloween 2018 and Halloween Kills is set directly after the events of Halloween 2018.

I want to preface this by saying that I intend to keep my review spoiler-free. This is meant to precede your viewing of the movie on your own.


Halloween Kills picks up immediately after the events of Halloween 2018. We follow the three generations of Strode women as they manage to make their way to the hospital to treat their wounds. As I’m sure you figured out, Micheal Myers has not perished in the fire from the last movie. The shape continues his rampage across Haddonfield. Unlike previous movies, the town of Haddonfield refuses to let Micheal Myers continue to terrorize the citizens of the town as he has for over forty years. The citizens form a mob to combat Micheal Myers and to bring the man down.

This is the vaguest description of the movie I can give without spoiling any of the plot that isn’t included within movie trailers.

My Verdict

In my own opinion, I thought the movie was at least marginally good. It attempted to tackle new things within the film such as the mob mentality. It also succeeds in recreating the legacy of fright that Micheal Myers captures. Despite the pile of Halloween movies, Micheal Myers is still terrifying and he never slows down. The movie has several great horror movie kills although if you are not a fan of gore you may be opposed to them. Another great thing about the movie is that it brings back many past characters from the original movie. Overall, I enjoyed the movie but it left a few things to be desired. It ended up feeling like a prelude to another movie when it should stand on its own. It also leaves me feeling like some of the movie’s messages were left unfinished. Despite this, I think that it is worth watching for anyone who enjoys a good scare.

The movie, Halloween Kills can be seen in theaters or streamed exclusively on Peacock.

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