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Two Florida teachers have been arrested after they mistakenly entered an apartment that they thought belonged to someone else, shooting the man inside, according to FOX News.

Darius Cohen and Akkua Hallback, both newly hired teachers at elementary schools in Florida returned to an apartment that they thought was their own after an evening of drinking. After the man of the house realized that the teachers were inside of his home, he showed them outside.

Cohen and the man got into an argument and, after Hallback broke it up, the man was returning to his apartment when Cohen shot at him four times. One of the shots struck the man in the back, but the shot proved to be life threatening.

Though both teachers fled the scene, footage from a security camera that captured the incident allowed a viewer to recognize them and report them to the police. Both teachers were subsequently fired and arrested.

FOX News reports that “Cohen, 26, is facing a charge of attempted felony murder. Court records showed he was still in jail Tuesday, and a court docket showed no attorney listed for him. His fellow teacher, Hallback, 27, is facing a charge of possession of a controlled substance. Court records showed no attorney listed for him.”

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