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38-year-old Peter Schnellhardt was found brutally murdered at his job in Williams Lake, British Columbia on July 4th, 2006. With very little movement in Peter’s case, and very little media coverage, his family has been desperate for answers. Now 15 years later, although it seems obvious who was involved in Peter’s death, it remains a cold case, even after a confession followed by a trial. The further we looked into this case, the more questions we had, and we many of those questions are about the Canadian justice system. Angelina and Aurora spoke with Peter’s sister Petra, who opened up about who her brother was, what she knows about his murder, and why she continues to fight so hard for justice for Peter.

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Peter Schnellhardt’s case: 5:30

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Writing and research by Aurora Cady.

Original music and audio production by Louis Levesque.
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