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A New York couple has been charged with the death of a 7-year-old boy, Peter Cuacuas.

On February 10, Peter Cuacuas was brought to St Luke’s Hospital in Newburgh, N.Y..  Newburgh Police Commissioner Jose Gomerez revealed that Peter was only 37 pounds and died as a result of malnutrition as told by News12. N.Y. Couple, Leticia Bravo and Arturo Cuacuas were charged for Peter’s death.

According to the Times Herald Record, Bravo was Peter’s primary caregiver and he often missed his vitual schooling. Peter was allegedly locked in his room for a month which led to his death. Peter passed away on Feb. 10 after being brought to the hospital.

Bravo is being charged with second-degree murder. She could face 25 years in prison. Cuacuas is facing the lesser charge of criminally negligent homicide.


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