podcast to amp you up for halloween

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  1. Let’s Not Meet Podcast
    1. This podcast is narrated by Andrew Tate and several reoccurring guest stars. The show features stories shared to the Let’s Not Meet thread on Reddit as well as viewer submissions. Each episode tells the harrowing stories of people that face different spooky experiences or near-death situations. You’ll love this show if you’re a fan of true crime or just enjoy being spooked. I would recommend watching it during the daytime.
  2. The Scaredy Cats Horror Show
    1. This podcast is a short five episode run discussing a scaredy cats journey to eventually watch Get Out. Host, Alex Goldman and Scaredy cat, PJ Vogt challenge the latter to sit through progressively scarier movies. Their quest is to figure out why PJ can’t stand horror movies and hopefully allow him to see them in a different light.
  3. Halloweenies: A Horror Franchise Podcast
    1. Initially, The podcast began in preparation for the 2018 Halloween movie. The hosts of Halloweenies rewatch and discuss iconic horror series such as Halloween and most recently, Scream. The show is cohosted by Justin Gerber, Mike Vanderbilt, Dan Caffrey, McKenzie Gerber and Micheal Roffman. It’s perfect for horror fans that would like to revisit horror series and their numerous not-so-great sequels.

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