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Looking for a spooky podcast to binge before Halloween? Look no further! Here are four of the spookiest of paranormal podcasts that you can listen to right now.

Monsters Among Us

This podcast hosted by Derek Hayes is for all lovers of the unknown, the creepy, and the out-of-this-world. The podcasts welcome calls from viewers who share their sightings of things from Bigfoot to UFOs.
Photo via Monsters Among Us Podcast


Alastair Murden hosts this podcast, which is chock-full of–you guessed it–superstitions from around the world. The podcasts dives into the history of the unspoken rules that many live by today.
Photo via the Superstitions Podcast

Good Luck Sleeping

Kaila Allen and Rachel Elizabeth host this truly spooky podcast. Their podcasts covers topics such as hauntings, true crime, and many more.
Photo via Audible

The Ladies of Strange

Hosts Tiffany Gaddy, Ashley Bruley and Rebecca Stonecipher host this comedy-horror podcast. They cover everything from paranormal stories to conspiracies.
Photo via Audible

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