texas teen charged for death of twin sister

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A Texas teen was charged with the death of his twin sister.

According to Fox, 911 was called last Wednesday by Texas teen, Benjamin Elliot. He called due to the stabbing of his twin sister, Meghan Elliot. During the call, Elliot allegedly admitted to the stabbing of his sister. When police arrive they found Elliot performing CPR on his sister. Meghan Elliot had been stabbed several times in the throat.

The Texas teen was arrested and charged with her murder. KHOU 11 reports that Elliot claims the stabbing was accidental. He alleges that he was sleepwalking and woke up the a knife in his hand. He thought it was a dream until he saw the knife in his sister’s neck and removed it.

Elliot has been charged with first-degree murder in the case and has been given a bond of $100,000.

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