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An off-duty police officer chased down a pregnant woman after she fled from a hit and run, shooting and killing her in the process, according to DailyMail UK.

The officer, Janli Disla Batista, began a pursuit after Leslie Rosado after she struck his motorcycle and fled the scene.

Photo of Janli Disla Batista

“According to a preliminary police report, Rosado rear-ended Disla Batista’s motorcycle, knocking him, his wife and their children to the pavement and sped away,” a police report says.

After catching up to her in the pursuit, Batista allegedly struck the windows of her vehicle before shooting her directly in the head, killing her instantly.

Rosado was the mother of three and expecting a fourth child when she was killed.

The event has since sparked public outrage within the Dominican Republic. DailyMail UK reports that First Lady Raquel Arbaje “expressed her concern over Rosado’s shocking death and called for a reform of the police department,” saying “My grief over the death of the mother and architect Leslie Rosado left me in ‘shock’ and I waited for the official investigations. Today I only say: NOTHING justifies what happened. Justice has its role in this case. Today I apologize to your mother, father, husband and children. Enough!”

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