scary movies to marathon this year

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Now that Halloween season has finally begun. It’s time to dive into all our favorite movies that still manage to give us a fright. These Halloween movies range from spooky to downright terrifying.

1. The Conjuring (1 & 2)

This spooky series features the allegedly real-life cases of Ed and Lorraine Warren. If you enjoy a chilling paranormal movie, you’ll enjoy the Conjuring movies. It is now streaming on HBO Max and Netflix.

2. The Evil Dead (1 & 2)

These movies featuring the unforgettable Bruce Campbell are the perfect double feature for a late night. If you enjoy gore and the scary undead, you’ll love this cult classic that is now streaming on HBO Max.

3. Fear Street (1-3)

These newly released movies are based on the R.L. Stine series. The three movies play off the things that make horror fun, iconic killers and memorable characters. This series can be found on Netflix.

4. The Strangers (1 & 2)

Imagine masker strangers stalking you from outside your home. This is the basic premise that these two movies face. It can be found on Netflix.

5. The Babysitter (1 & 2)

These movies fall more into the horror comedy spectrum but that doesn’t downplay the fun. These movies can be found on Netflix.

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