ndiana Teen Went Missing While Walking His Dog, Found Dead

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An Indiana teen went missing while walking his dog in the woods.

Indiana teen, Jacob McCarty went missing on Sept. 21 while walking his dog in the woods. His father, Jeremiah McCarty is pleading for help to find his son.

According to WRDB, police believe that McCarty may be in danger after meeting someone in the woods. Surveillance video saw McCarty walking his dog on a trail behind the apartment he lived in. Neighbors report he was often seen walking his dog there.

Harrison County Sheriff’s Office reports that McCarty was wearing red Nike shoes. McCarty is five feet, four, weighs 200 lbs with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. His German Sheppard, Isabella is possibly wearing a turquoise harness.

Sadly, Harrison County Detectives just updated the case of Jacob McCarty later on Sept. 28th. After surveillance video was sent in showing a person matching McCarty’s description seen walking down Interstate 64.  Jacob McCarty and his dog, Isabella were found along Interstate 6. Police are currently not labeling McCarty’s death as foul play but his cause of death will be updated after an autopsy.

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