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People are calling for the dismal of three Missouri police officers who are seen in disturbing footage letting a K-9 unit bite a Black man who was pinned up against a patrol car and cooperating with the authorities who were arresting him.

The Woodson Terrace Police Department is being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), after footage of the Sept. 20 incident surfaced online.

A video taken by a bystander, shows the man repeatedly crying out “No!” and “Help!” as he pleads the officers to pull the dog off of him. Officers stand by as the dog continuously bites the man’s ankles.

Directly after, two of the officers then pull the man to the ground, as the third directs the animal to “Bite him.” They pull the man up, and the dog latches on again. The dog continues biting the man while he’s on the ground, being handcuffed.


The arrestee’s name and the three officer names has not been released.

By amhgq

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