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A California man was charged with murder after he took the life of Mason Moore, former Broadwater County Deputy, in May of 2017.

Loyd Barrus, 65, went on a high-speed chase with his son, Marshall Barrus, as a part of a “suicide mission.” He was charged with the death of Moore, along with the attempted murder of two other law enforcement officers, according to AP News.

via KTVH News

Marshall Barrus, Lloyd’s son, was also killed in the pursuit.

Footage from Moore’s bodycam captured the sounds of his struggles after he was shot, as well as the many other gunshots that occurred during the pursuit.

The trail was delayed, as Barrus was seen as unfit to stand trial. AP News reports that “District Judge Kathy Seeley ordered that Barrus begin given antipsychotic medications via injection because he refused to take medication to treat his delusional disorder. The Montana Supreme Court upheld the forced medication order in January 2020.”

While lawyers tried to defend him against harm caused by his son’s shots, Lloyd Barrus made it apparent that this was how things were supposed to be, saying “This is what Marshall and I have lived for. I was born to do this, mother.”


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