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A 30-year-old fashion design student was kicked down a subway escalator by a stranger who was standing in front of her. The Brooklyn mom was on her way home when she was assaulted at Atlantic Ave.-Barclays Center station. By the end of her intense tumble she was seen covered in claw marks. She recalls saying “[it felt] like I was clawed by a tiger.” 

NYCDailyNews spoke with the woman after the incident. She recalls her day saying; “I was coming home from school. I didn’t run into this man. I did not have any prior engagement with him,” the victim said. She was nearing the top of the escalator when the man pushed past her; “I said, ‘Say excuse me.’ Just those three words,” she said. “And then I looked the other way. He aggressively responded, ‘I did say excuse me.’”



All of a sudden the man turned around and “kicked me in the chest. Oh my God, it was from the top of the escalator at Barclay Center all the way to the bottom.” Crime Stoppers NYC caught the attack on video. It shows the victim tumbling down the escalator stairs passing a fellow commuter who appeared unbothered by the incident. 

Escalators are more than stairs. They are moving and have a rough base. They have a bigger surface area and regular stairs. Even though she knew she was hurt, the young mom refused medical attention and went home to her family.

By amhgq

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