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Over the weekend, a Texas homeowner fatally shot a “Peeping Tom” after catching the person looking through her bedroom window, police said. The woman said she saw them attempting to look at her through her window on Friday night and decided to grab her rifle.

Out of fear the homeowner told police she fired numerous shots through the wall aggressively hitting the suspect in the torso. The person attempted to run from the property but failed, said a police spokesman. After authorities arrived, they were pronounced dead.

The ongoing investigation revealed he was not related to anyone in the home.  The woman has not been charged.

This is not the first, but the second time a Houston homeowner shot an alleged “Peeping Tom.” At the beginning of June a father shot a man who was found masturbating outside their daughter’s window. The suspect was severely injured and was later found to be intoxicated.

By amhgq

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