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I come from a mid-size city in Minnesota called Rochester. The city has been around since 1854. It is most notably known as the city that birthed Mayo Clinic. Rochester has had its fair share of dark history and this story takes place more than thirty years ago.

According to KTTC, the Brom family was the epitome of the picture perfect. The family lived in a nice home in northwest Rochester. The family consisted of Bernard and Paulette Brom and their four children: Joe, 19, David, 16, Diane, 13, and Ricky, 9. It turned out that more was going on under the surface than anyone had ever thought. 

It was February 18,1988. Police entered the Brom family home at around 5 p.m. Nothing appeared to be wrong until an officer found the bodies of Paulette and Diane Brom at the top of the stairs. The two women had been attacked with an ax and had serious head wounds. Ricky Brom was found in his room in the fetal position with massive head injury. The whole family had been murdered and the two eldest boys were nowhere to be found. At first, police guessed that David Brom could have been kidnapped.David Brom was found the next day near the northwest Rochester post office. 

The real sequence of events shocked the city of Rochester. David Brom, 16, had murdered his family with an ax aside from his older brother, Joe, who did not live at the Brom residence. A female classmate revealed that Brom confessed to the murders of his family.

Brom had argued with his father and once his parents went to bed that night he killed them. He then found his two younger sibling and murdered them both.

KROC reports that on October 15, 1989, David Brom was found guilty of four counts of first-degree murder for the killing of his family. Brom is currently incarcerated at the Minnesota Correctional Facility in Stillwater, MN.


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