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Police arrested a Louisiana man after he allegedly claimed to be hit by a car. WDSU reports that officers responded to a call on September 3rd at the 1400 block of Fremaux Avenue after Arthur Bates, Jr. claimed to have been hit by a car.

According to Slidell Police, Arthur Bates, Jr.,47, told police he had been hit by a Tesla. The Louisiana man claimed the Tesla backed into him. Bates claimed the car had hit him and then fled the scene. Emergency personnel were also dispatched due to Bates’s alleged back, leg and neck injuries. 

ABC NEWS 13 said that after police tracked down the owner of the Tesla they were able to obtain evidence that Bates was deceiving the officers. The Tesla owner presented footage of Bates staging the accident event. Bates is seen faking a fall behind the Tesla when it is about to back up. The Tesla driver backed up while avoiding Bates and drove away. 

Arthur Bates, Jr. was arrested for False Swearing with the Intent to Cause an Emergency Response.

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