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On Thursday, a couple was shot and killed over an alleged parking dispute, according to People Magazine.

The incident occurred on September 7 at roughly 7:50 p.m., when police were called onto the scene after a fight call was received. Upon arrival, both Juan Guizar-Gutierrez, 39, and Maricela Honorato, 44, were found with gunshot wounds. Guizar-Gutierrez was pronounced dead on the scene, and Honorato was pronounced dead later that evening while in the hospital.

Though the cause of the shooting is not verified, family members say that Guizar-Gutierrez was attempting to park when two men came and started an argument, one shortly after pulling out a gun.

“At this time in the investigation, the shooting is believed to have occurred outside and it is unknown if the shooting in connected to the original fight call. The circumstances leading up to the shooting, motive, and suspect information are not known at this time,” Long Beach Police Department says.

Anyone with information regarding the deaths of Juan Guizar-Gutierrez and Maricela Honorato are encouraged to call (562) 570-7244. Anonymous tips may be reported.

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