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An Illinois woman was caught using a fake vaccination card while attempting to travel to Hawaii.

On August 29th, 2021, Chloe Mrozak, 24 attempted to use a faulty vaccination card while checking in at the SouthWest Airlines booth. Chicago Sun Times alleges that Mrozak was caught due to the misspelling of “Moderna.” Authorities believe that she used the false card to bypass the two week quarantine police. 

The suspect’s vaccination card was flagged when she entered the sunny state due to the misspelling on her card, “Maderna” which differs from the correct spelling, “Moderna.” Hawaii authorities attempted to verify Mrozak’s vaccination card which claimed to be administered by a National Guard member in Delaware. Authorities were notified by Delaware public health officials that they had no record of Mrozak’s vaccination. Mrozak’s hotel check-in and return flight information were also found to be falsified.

Mrozak now faces misdemeanor charges due to her breaking of Hawaii’s coronavirus emergency proclamation, which requires visitors proof of full-vaccination or a negative covid test. She was held in custody at Oahu Community Correctional Center  and charged with two counts of falsifying vaccination documents.

According to Hawaii News Now, the Illinois native was released by a judge last Wednesday after Mrozak’s tearful plea. She will be required to appear for a virtual hearing on September 22nd.

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