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The trial of a couple charged with murder in the deaths of two Montreal brothers resumed Wednesday morning following a brief suspension caused by COVID-19.

Superior Court Justice Eric Downs told the jury hearing the trial of Marie-Josée Viau, 46, and Guy Dion, 49, that it can resume hearing evidence. On Monday, the judge suspended the trial after one member of the jury informed Downs they had been diagnosed with the virus.Viau and Dion are charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy in the deaths of brothers Vincenzo and Giuseppe Falduto. The Crown’s theory is that the brothers were killed on the couple’s farm in Saint-Jude on June 30, 2016, as part of an internal conflict within the Montreal Mafia.

Downs informed the jury that tests revealed the virus had not spread to other jurors and that the courtroom had been thoroughly disinfected.

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