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A California mother whose husband allegedly killed her two young children with a speargun in Mexico after becoming entangled in the QAnon mass delusion is trying to wrap her mind around the tragic killings of her kids a family friend reportedly said.

Mathew Taylor Coleman murdered his 2-year-old son Kaleo and 10-month-old daughter, Roxy, on a Mexican ranch earlier this month, leaving Abby Coleman, his wife, both devastated and confused, according to reports.

“She’s starting to question everything she ever knew about her husband,” the family friend told People. “She didn’t see this coming. No one did. But for her, she’s starting to question everything she ever knew about her husband. It’s devastating.”

According to investigators, Coleman, a surf instructor enamored with QAnon and other conspiracy theories, drove his son and daughter across the southern border on Aug. 7 and used a spearfishing gun to kill them. Coleman carried out the murders after becoming convinced his wife had passed serpent DNA onto his kids, the FBI’s criminal complaint alleged.

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