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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bloodbath was everything Ashley and Jamie needed to finally feel like they had control over their life again. Although the longtime friends tossed around the idea of starting a true crime podcast together in 2019, they decided that 2020 was the year that they would make it all happen. And oh boy, did it happen— before the official launch date of their first episode in October 2020, the Bloodbath girls were already gaining a steady stream of followers and fans (affectionately referred to as “Bloodbathers”) who offered Ashley and Jamie their hearts and their ears. That is, until another podcast dropped a new show under the same name.

I chatted with Ashley and Jamie in June 2021 about the tenuous legal battle that unfolded between them and the former Bloodbath Girls (now renamed Trash Tuesday)— here’s what I learned.

Elena Hollemon: Take me back to the beginning— how did this all start?

Ashley: We started in September of 2020 and going through a list of names, Jamie said one— “Bloodbath”— and it clicked. There wasn’t any other thought, we had our name! Afterwards we Googled it to make sure that nobody had it. We knew about the [metal] band and I think there might be a movie, but them being in different categories means it’s okay to use. And the band is out of the country, too. In February, some girl hit us up on Instagram and they were like, “Hey, another podcast is taking your name.” So we looked into it and we hit them up before their pilot episode and a bunch of our “Bloodbathers” [Bloodbath fans] hit them up and they were like, “Hey, this name is already in use!” Finally, they hit us back up in our DM’s.

Jamie: Basically, they said, “Oh, we’re not trying to stomp on your territory and we can give you guys a shout out.”

A: Yeah, like, “we’re in no way a threat!” Which their intentions weren’t to be a threat, their intentions weren’t to kick us off the charts, but we let them know that they kicked us off the charts.

EH: Right, and they’re at the top of all of the Google searches.

A: After messaging them asking if they’d talk to us more about us sharing the name (we were open to it), they ghosted us. That’s when Esther ends their first episode with, “This is Bloodbath and that’s on tape for the court to see.” And then Annie says either, “she’s going down,” or “shit’s going down.” And then it pans over to Khalyla, and I’m no body expert but Khalyla looks very uncomfortable. After that, it was game on. We talked to a lawyer and immediately he told us it was a slam dunk case.

J: Yeah, like if you don’t want to talk to us then I guess we’ll have to get serious.

A: So then it took two cease and desists. The first, they supposedly didn’t know it was real. And then [the lawyer] sent another one. Usually he wouldn’t send a second one within a two to three week time frame but because of who they are and because they know what they’re doing and they DM’d us back, he sent another one. So that’s when George Kimmel, their producer, sent us a DM from the [Bloodbath Girls] account.

EH: In what time span was this all happening?

A: February to April 22. Our lawyer, Ryan, said it was likely a good thing that they wanted to talk to us one-on-one because they probably want to make a deal. So we came up with the possible deals that we were willing to do. It was either all in or all nothing. Ultimately, [George] tried to offer us one promotion—

J: —and that they get to keep the name.

A: Jamie was just so dumbstruck that she lost her words. The ultimate outcome is for us to be Bloodbath. So we said, you can lease it for $100,000 with three promotions a year and our social is linked in every single episode’s “About” section so that there would be no confusion between any of their fans and any of our fans. They did not take that. So we said they’d have to change the name.

J: A few weeks before George got in touch with us—

A: —in March, Ryan wanted us to try and see if we could make a copyright and trademark claim. At the time, we were only trademarked in Oregon and the national one was still going through. He said, “try it and see what happens.”

J: When you have your number for your trademark, it’s like your golden ticket saying that you put in the work and the money to get your name.

A: And it worked. So that actually ended up going into effect on Apple after we had our 100-day agreement of their phase-out of the name. On August 13, they’re supposed to be completely done with the name. And that means all these back episodes that still say Bloodbath, all of the links that say Bloodbath, anything that says Bloodbath or associates them with the word “Bloodbath” and entertainment— they have to stop. So they hit us up and they were like, “we’re confused why this was taken down.” We sent them the message that we sent to Apple to rescind the report. Ultimately, Apple doesn’t care and didn’t do anything.

EH: Tell me about their new name— where did it come from and how well has it been received?

A: I’m assuming they went with the name “Trash Tuesday” because it was quick and it was easy and it’s what they say every Tuesday anyway when they post something. But their fans hate it. They hate it so much.

J: Also, that’s the name we suggested they change their name to.

A: We’re still being harassed by people. We’re getting one-star reviews, our podcast rating has gone down. It’s four stars from five stars, but it’s four stars from their fans and not people who are genuinely disliking our show. We can take constructive criticism, we want it because we’re so small and we want to grow and learn. But when it’s just haters, what do we do?

EH: How are you handling those reviews right now? Are you taking them down or keeping them up?

A: I’ve looked up having them taken down but at the same time, the Bloodbathers that we have now have been on this journey with us and they’ve seen how this has affected us and how we’re going to grow. For the ones of them attacking us, I do post it to our [Instagram] stories. I have a highlight called “We Need to Talk,” which is covering all of this stuff. I’ll post it to that and tell our side. It’s easy to keep these matter-of-fact because there’s nothing we’re hiding. We don’t want them to fail, but we want them to learn and grow from this

J: One of their fans commented on their YouTube saying, “I wish they would have disclosed the whole legal battle they’re going through.”

A: So their fans could be more understanding.

J: Because they’re all like, “why would you change this, it doesn’t make sense?” They’re all in the dark.

EH: I looked at your YouTube account and people have commented on your videos asking who the real Bloodbath is.

A: Oh yeah, and we’re still getting DM’s where people are posting memes for them and they tag all three of them [the former Bloodbath Girls] and then tag @bloodbathpodcast and we’re like, “thanks for the publicity, but wrong one!” We’re called the lesser podcast, and that matters because we’re nobodies.

J: And we’re trying to make a name for ourselves.

Now, despite being at the end of their 100-day transition, the Trash Tuesday fans are still harassing Ashley and Jamie online. To hear about how the real Bloodbath Girls (@bloodbathgirls) are currently navigating this stressful situation, listen to their latest podcast episode and watch their YouTube video! To keep up to date with Ashley (@itsashtober) and Jamie (@llonelytylenoll), follow the Bloodbath podcast on Instagram (@bloodbathpodcast), Twitter (@itsbloodbath), YouTube (Bloodbath a True Crime Podcast), and TikTok (@itsbloodbath). Want exclusive content and prizes from the girls? Join their patreon

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  1. Such losers. Enjoy your fleeting 15 minutes of fame cause when its gone nobody will ever hear of your 100 “Bloodbathers” (probably your friends & family lol) ever again.

  2. Imagine trying to extort people for the part of a name of a 201 subscriber channel (that was already used by a metal band before you) for $100,000. Karma has no deadline, enjoy the bloodbath.😉

  3. Grasping at straws. Get over yourselves. Hateful towards a group of actually talented women because y’all aren’t.

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