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A handyman has been found guilty of murdering his ex’s new partner by burning him alive in his car.

Mark Chilman, 52, has been sentenced to 22 years for killing 66-year-old Neil Parkinson in Worcestershire, England on December 12, 2020.

BBC News reports that during a trial at Worcester Crown Court, jurors were told how Chilman became “obsessed” with his ex-partner, Juliet Adcock, after finding out that she had moved on with Parkinson.

The pair had split up last June, but Chilman refused to let her go. He used a tracker that he placed on her car to follow her. He even went as far as breaking into her home and stealing her undergarments.

The court then heard how Chilman prepared to attack Parkinson. He scoped Adcock’s farm, stole two petrol jerry cans, and convinced a friend to give him a false alibi.

According to Yahoo News, Chilman waited for Parkinson to drive away from his ex’s farm to care for his elderly mother. Once Parkinson got outside of his car to lock the gate behind him, Chilman hit him over the back of his head with a hammer-like object.

Chilman then drove his unconscious body to a lay-by and set him on fire with 40 litres of petrol. In an attempt to make it look like a suicide, he deliberately centred the flames around his body.

He later sent several texts to Adcock, claiming he was “living a double life”. However, she knew it wasn’t Parkinson who texted her due to the awful spelling and grammar.

Parkinson’s family released a statement wherein they describe him as “a loving father, grandfather, brother and son” who will be “remembered dearly for all the happy times.”

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