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A Washington state inmate has been sentenced to an additional 25 years in prison for killing his cellmate who sexually assaulted his sister.

According to KHQ, Shane Goldsby, 26, brutally killed 70-year-old Robert Munger at Airway Heights Correction Center in July 2020. Shortly after the two became cellmates, Goldsby discovered that the convicted child rapist had molested multiple victims, including his sister.

Munger at the time was serving a 43-year prison sentence for his child sex crimes.

Goldsby attacked Munger from behind and struck him in the face 14 times. FOX reports that he was captured on camera stomping on his head at least a few more times before walking away.

“I had so much stuff going on in my head,” he told KHQ last summer. “[Munger] kept wanting to give me details about what happened, what he did – about the photos and the videos of him doing this stuff. It was building up.”

In the meantime, Goldsby had been imprisoned for stealing a police car that led multiple officers on a prolonged pursuit that resulted in an officer getting injured.

In an emotional statement given yesterday, Goldsby apologized to Munger’s family. Overcome with emotion, his attorney read his statement to the court.

“I cannot imagine what it would be like to lose a loved one in this kind of way,” the statement read. “To his wife and his whole family I apologize. I am so sorry and I hope you are able to heal from what I caused.”

Following an investigation, The Washington Department of Corrections said it had no knowledge that Goldsby and Munger knew each other.

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