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Samantha Josephson, a college student killed two years ago after she mistakenly entered a car believing it was her Uber ride, was the victim of “heinous, cruel and malicious acts,” the prosecution in the trial of her accused murderer, Nathaniel Rowland, said on Tuesday, July 20, according to People Magazine.

Josephson, 21, was last seen at a bar in Columbia, South Carolina, in the early morning hours of March 29, 2019.

She was found dead by hunters in a remote area in Claredon County, about 65 miles away from where police believe she had gotten into a black Chevy Impala driven by Rowland, 27, thinking it was her ride share.

During the trial on Tuesday, Fifth Circuit Solicitor Byron Gibson said that the prosecution have cell phone tracking data that placed Jospehson and Rowland in a car together.

According to People Magazine, the prosecution also has a “knife-bladed tool” linked to Rowland that makes matching cuts to the ones found on Josephson’s body. She was stabbed multiple times throughout her feet, torso, neck, face and hands.

“It’s those intentional deliberate, heinous, cruel and malicious acts that Nathaniel David Rowland has been indicted for kidnapping Samantha Josephson. He’s been indicted for the murder of Josephson,” said Gibson, who argued that prosecutors have surveillance footage and testimonies from DNA experts supporting their allegations against Rowland.

Maria Howard, who was dating Rowland in 2019, told the court on Wednesday, July 21, that hours after Josephson vanished, she questioned Rowland about the blood she noticed in the back seat and on the dashboard of his car. She recalled that a sheet had been draped over the back seat.

According to People Magazine, Howard also testified that she saw Rowland using bleach to clean the car, and later saw him cleaning a knife.

Rowland has pleaded not guilty in the case.


Nathaniel Rowland

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