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Abiel Valenzuela Zapata, 3, died June 6 after a routine dental procedure went terribly wrong.

Abiel’s mother, Nancy Valenzuela, told news outlets she took her son to Tiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry in Wichita.

Abiel had a gum infection and needed some teeth pulled. In a police report, it was determined he was placed under anesthesia, his right cheek began swelling and his heart rate decreased.

In an attempt to control the situation, the doctor gave Abiel something to increase his heart rate. Shortly after, he ceased to breathe and doctors began CPR, calling 911.

Abiel was pronounced dead at the hospital. His mother said everything was fine going into the surgery and she “didn’t expect to come out of there without a child.”

Valenzuela told KSN she comforted her son after he got a shot before the surgery telling him, “Papi, everything’s going to be okay. You know you’re fine.”

WBAY says police believe a reaction to the medicine is the cause of the young boy’s death. KSN reported Abiel was only one month away from turning four.

Officer Trevor Macy said there is no criminal investigation ongoing.

A statement made to NBC News by Tiny Teeth’s attorney, Mark Maloney, extends his client’s condolences to the family of young Abiel saying, “We are praying for the family during this time and ask for the community to do so, as well. Like Abiel’s family, we, too, want to understand how this tragic event may have occurred.”

Valenzuela urges other parents to ask questions before even a routine procedure. She misses her son dearly and says it’s quiet at home without him.

She told KSN, “We’re going to miss him because he was the loudest at home. He was very playful and cheerful.” Valenzuela said, “Everything reminds me of him. My house doesn’t feel the same without him.”

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