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During the pandemic, I wanted to have a horror movie marathon. However, most of the titles I found on a few streaming platforms weren’t as satisfying. Moreover, I had been low on horror content to binge-watch, since I had already watched most cold cases and Buzzfeed Unsolved videos. Finally, however, I stumbled upon a streaming platform with endless titles. 

Shudder is owned and operated by AMC Networks and offers a 7-day free trial with cancellation at any time. After their trial, the monthly subscription is $5.99 per month

Shudder offers unlimited access to horror films and TV series such as CreepshowJoe Bob’s Drive-Ins, and plenty more. The horror films available vary from classical films from The Hills Have EyesHalloweenCat O’Nine Tails, and more titles. 

My favorite part of this streaming service, aside from the unlimited access to horror movies and shows, Shudder updates its content weekly. These weekly updates lead to more films to binge-watch! Another feature I appreciate is the collections created based on the viewer’s watch list. In other words, Shudder is Netflix but with unlimited horror content!

If any fellow MMNsters are fans of horror films and TV shows, I highly recommend the streaming service Shudder. 

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