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A mother in Florida had received a phone call from her babysitter regarding her son, Jameson Nance, 3. Babysitter Joshua Manns, 25, told the mother her son had drowned in the bathtub. Horrified, the mother drove to her apartment complex.

Upon her arrival, she discovered the body of her 3-year-old in the bathroom. On the other hand, Manns was nowhere to be found.

On June 28, nearly two weeks later, police apprehended Manns in Georgia en route towards West Virginia. Last Friday, Manns appeared before a judge and had been charged with neglect, harming, and the murder of Jameson on June 11. At the moment, he resides in jail without bond.

Manns claimed Jameson suffered a seizure while inside the bathtub; however, the autopsy conducted on Jameson discloses otherwise. Upon examining his body, the coroner found little-to-no evidence of an accidental drowning.

Instead, they discovered Jameson had endured child abuse from previous weeks. In addition, Jameson suffered from a broken rib, stab wounds to the head, and brain swelling, according to The Daily Beast.

Before these injuries, the Department of Children and Family Services investigated Jameson’s injuries over two years. He had broken his legs twice and had burns on his arms.

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