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A Pennsylvania couple was found dead last month in their home after authorities responded to a house fire. Now, authorities are ruling it a murder-suicide.

Lancaster county emergency crews responded to the explosion just before 6 p.m. on June 1. Once they were able to get in the house, they found the bodies of 63-year-old David Preston and his 60-year-old wife Victoria.

According to ABC 27 Victoria died from fatal levels of “fentanyl and other medications.” It’s believed her husband David helped control her medication and killed her with a fatal amount.

Pennsylvania police believe David killed his wife before setting himself on fire, dying from smoke inhalation and internal and external thermal injuries.

Police confirmed a flammable substance was found on David’s remains, according to Penn Live. 

The fire subsequently caused the home to explode with several neighbors witnessing the scene.

Neighbor Donna Updegraff told ABC 27, “The house was engulfed in minutes,” she continued, “Lot of explosions during the fire. Single type explosions. Could’ve been gas cans, could’ve been paint cans. At least a dozen of them went off.”

“I can’t imagine that from like two minutes before, that explosion went off, and all of a sudden that whole house is gone,” Updegraff said.

The investigation into the murder-suicide continues as a motive is unclear.

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