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Everyone, we are so excited to announce our next book selection for our July Book Club: On the Trail of the Serpent: The Epic Hunt for the Bikini Killer by Richard Neville and Julie Clarke.

From Goodreads:

“Charles Sobhraj remains one of the world’s great conmen, and as a serial killer, the story of his life and capture endures as legend. Born in Vietnam to a Vietnamese mother and Indian father, Sobhraj grew up deprived of a sense of identity, moving to France before being imprisoned and stripped of his multiple nationalities. Driven to floating from country to country, continent to continent, he became the consummate con artist, stealing passports, smuggling drugs and guns across Asia, busting out of prisons and robbing wealthy associates. But as his situation grew more perilous, he turned to murder, preying on Western tourists dropping out across the 1970s hippie trail, leaving dead bodies and gruesome crime scenes in his wake, triggering an international manhunt that put him at the top of INTERPOL’s most wanted list.

On the Trail of the Serpent draws its readers into the story of Sobhraj’s life as told exclusively to journalists Richard Neville and Julie Clarke by the investigators, families of the victims, and even Sobhraj himself. Blurring the boundaries between true crime and novelization, this remains the definitive book about Sobhraj–a riveting tale of sex, drugs, adventure, and murder.

The MMNster Book Club: Books to be Murdered to will discuss the book all month long.  We can’t wait to hear all of your thoughts, and we have some questions to get the discussion moving.  We have divided our discussion questions into sections so you can join in the chat wherever you are in the book without worrying about spoilers.

We have also scheduled a MMNster Zoom Call on Sunday, July 25 at 2 p.m. EST for those of you looking to dive further into the discussion!

To join the MMNster Book Club, check out the MurderMurder News Facebook Group! We hope to see all of you MMNster’s there!

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