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CrimeDoor is the first true crime app with augmented reality tours of crime scenes. The creators’ goal is to spotlight cold cases in hopes of bringing justice.

Newly launched in 2020, CrimeDoor uses GPS to bring up cold cases closest to the user. Creator Neil Mandt wanted an app that served as a database for the crimes including photos, video, news articles or anything else related to the cases.

The app features over 500 cold cases from all over the world ranging from over 50 years ago to just days ago.

Sam Blake writes for “Users can explore the crime scene using their mobile devices at the real, physical location when feasible, or with a joystick navigator from their own home. They’ll see the scene as it was reconstructed, and can “pick up” evidence and enlarge it on their screens for closer inspection.”

Mandt told Fox 19 users can click on the cases for more information, “It would have the videos on the internet, the articles, the photos, the police report, if there was a 911 call or FBI reports. It would all be in the one spot, highly curated and high quality.”

An immersive and informative experience, users can pay $1.99 to “open a door” to view the AR reconstruction of the crime. Or pay a monthly $4.99 for unlimited access.

Check out our interview with the founder for a deeper dive into the mind of the creator.


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