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Serial killer Chisako Kakehi, 74, had been sentenced to death in 2017 after killing three men, one of whom was her husband, and attempted murder of the fourth.

However, her legal team had filed an appeal. They claimed she had dementia, which made her incapable of participating in the trial. According to her lawyer, the Supreme Court rejected her request and completed the decision on Tuesday.

Between 2007 and 2013, Japan’s ‘black widow,’ Kakehi, poisoned her victims with cyanide. The killings took place in Kyoto, Osaka, and Hyogo. Shortly after their deaths, she received large insurance payouts.

Kakehi married her husband in 2013, but he passed away less than two months of marriage. The autopsy disclosed cyanide found in his stomach and blood. Police apprehended Kakehi 11 months later.

Another of her victims, a former fiancĂ©, died in a motorcycle accident; cyanide remains were found in his system. According to the police, most of Kakehi’s partners had been between 54 and 75 years old. In addition, her partners died within the last two decades.

At the moment, Kakehi’s date for her death sentence has not been released.

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